Jacob Schultz Kehler (1886-1945)

Jacob S Kehler
Jacob S Kehler

Jacob Schultz Kehler (Onkel Joakopp) was the first son and the second child of the Berliner Kehler family.

He was a quiet, dignified man who lacked the physical robustness and boisterous nature of his brothers. He was plagued with rheumatism most of his adult life and sometime bedridden, even in his prime. But he never shyed away from farm work when his condition was up to it.

He was always conscious of his role as the oldest son and not afraid to offer advice to his siblings – always mild and reasonable, accepted without offence. Continue reading “Jacob Schultz Kehler (1886-1945)”

Gerhard Schultz Kehler (1888-1943)

George S Kehler
George S Kehler

Gerhard (Onkel Jeaht) was the second son and third Berliner Kehler child.

Gerhard was a quiet, meticulous man who looked after his own concerns without selfishness or arrogance.

Gerhard married Katherina Unger Wieler November 2, 1914 in Chortitz.

They never had any children of their own. Both Gerhard and Taunte Tien loved children and always welcomed their nephews and neices with open arms.

Gerhard enjoyed good health until a serious illness Continue reading “Gerhard Schultz Kehler (1888-1943)”

Elisabeth Schultz Kehler (1866-1943)

Elisabeth Schultz Kehler
Elisabeth Schultz Kehler

Elisabeth Schultz Kehler, Mennonite pioneer, was born on 30 March 1866 in the Bergthaler Colony, South Russia. She was the fourth of ten children born to Aron K. Schultz (1834-1924) and Maria Harder (1839-1900). As a young adult she was baptized into the membership of the Bergthaler Mennonite Church but later in Canada was a member of the Sommerfelder Mennonite Church. In 1884 she married Jacob K. “Berliner” Kehler (1863-1923). Together they had 13 children (four daughter and nine sons) of which 11 survived to adulthood. Elisabeth Kehler died on 10 February 1943 in Steinbach, Manitoba. Continue reading “Elisabeth Schultz Kehler (1866-1943)”

Phyllis Kehler Wieler (1937-1938)

Phyllis Kehler Wieler, beloved daughter of Henry and Susana Wieler. Phyllis was born in Steinbach, Mb on October 27, 1937 and died January 27, 1938.

Besides her parents,  Henry & Susana Wieler, she is survived by her sisters  Helene (and Joseph Grunwald), Elizabeth and Rosemarie, and his brother Peter. One nephew, Harold Grunwald. She was predeceased by her brother Bernhard on May 2, 1937 Continue reading “Phyllis Kehler Wieler (1937-1938)”

Bernhard Kehler Wieler (1932-1937)

Bernhard Kehler Wieler, dearly beloved son of Henry and Susana Wieler passed away May 2, 1937 at the Winnipeg General Hospital. Bernard was born July 2, 1932 in Steinbach, MB.

Besides his parents, Henry & Susana Wieler, he is survived by his sisters Helene (and Joseph Grunwald), Elizabeth and Rosemarie, and his brother Peter. Continue reading “Bernhard Kehler Wieler (1932-1937)”

Edna Elizabeth Kehler (1925 – 1933)

Edna Elizabeth Kehler, beloved daughter of Johann S & Annie Kehler, born January 5, 1925 in Frobisher, Saskatchewan, passed away on August 22, 1933 in Steinbach, Manitoba.

Edna was predeceased by her Grandfather Jacob K Kehler and Grandmother Helena Unger Wieler. Besides her parents,  Johann S & Annie Kehler, she is also survived by her sister Violet, and brothers Henry, Walter, John and Glen.

Funeral services were held in the Steinbach Kliene Geminde (EMC) Church . Burial,  at the Steinbach Pioneer Cemetery


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Jacob “Berliner” Kehler (1863-1923)

Jacob "Berliner" Kehler
Jacob “Berliner” Kehler

Jacob Kehler (known commonly as “Berliner” Kehler): farmer and community leader; born on 11 March 1863 in Russia to Gerhard and Susanna (Ketler) Kehler. He was the 10th of fifteen children in the family.

The family immigrated to Canada in 1875 when Jacob was 12 years old and settled in Hochfeld, a small village near Steinbach, Manitoba.

He was baptized on 2 June 1884, joining the Chortitzer Mennonite Church.

At age 13, Jacob obtained a job helping out with hauling and carrying jobs for Continue reading “Jacob “Berliner” Kehler (1863-1923)”

Maria Schultz Kehler Penner (1885-1909)

Marie S Kehler
Marie S Kehler

Maria (Taunte Marie) was the first child in the Berliner Kehler family. On November 14, 1905 she married Abram Henry Penner, and their daughter Anne Ethel Kehler Penner was born August 19, 1907. She died at an early age of 23 on February 21, 1909, in childbirth of her twins Jacob and Heinrich (who died shortly after birth). Maria was buried, in the Hochfeld CMC Cemetery, together with her newborn son Heinrich.


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