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The Kehlers living in the wider Steinbach region are a truly remarkable clan. Not only are they as numerous as chokecherries in August, but like chokecherries they grow in dense family clusters in close proximity to each other. ­ There the comparison breaks down.  Chokecherries are silent, waiting to be picked. ­ The Kehlers are never silent and anything but passive. They are active, spirited and vocal – if not downright gabby. ­They never stop talking and when they have nothing more to say they go on talking for the sheer pleasure of it. When Kehlers get together the air turns into a whirlwind of words and laughter. As the Kehlers themselves like to say: ‘Never bury a Kehler until you’ve made sure his mouth is dead too.’

Kehler.ca is dedicated to the family and friends of the Berliner Kehler Clan. Read legends, news, events and the opinions that matter to this remarkable clan.  Enjoy the content and regularly stop by for a good, old-fashioned visit — using the modern technology of the internet.  Book mark this website in your Favorites, or subscribe to the Berliner Kehler RSS Feed.

If you would like to submit news, events, pictures or stories that would be of general interest to the Berliner Kehler Clan  for publication on this website, send your email to the Webmaster for consideration. Submitted information is subject to review. kehler.ca reserves the right to post and remove material at the discretion of the Webmaster.

The Jacob (Berliner) K. Kehler's Farm in Ebenfeld (Mitchell), Manitoba
The Jacob (Berliner) K. Kehler's Farm in Ebenfeld (Mitchell), Manitoba

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