Mary Kehler Daniel (1925-2019)

Mary Kehler Daniel (1925-2019)
Mary Kehler Daniel (1925-2019)

Mary Kehler Daniel, of Forest Park, passed away on September 28, 2019. Mary was a native of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada.

A memorial service will be held at Thomas L. Scroggs Funeral Directors, 6362 South Lee St. Morrow, GA 30260, on Friday, October 4, 2019 at 2:00 pm. Pastor Justin Kollmeyer will be officiating.
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William Blatz Kehler (1933-2019)

William Blatz Kehler 1933-2019
William Blatz Kehler 1933-2019

William (Bill) Kehler, 86, of Steinbach, MB., passed away Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at the Bethesda Regional Health Centre, Steinbach, MB.

Son of the late Reverend Peter S. and Katharina Kehler, Bill was the seventh child of twelve, born July 9, 1933 in Blumengard, Manitoba, where they resided in the back of the family store.
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Katharina Peters Kehler (1933-2019)

Katharina Peters Kehler (1933-2019)

Katharina Kehler (nee Peters), 86, of Steinbach, MB, passed away Friday, February 15, 2019, at the Rest Haven Nursing Home, Steinbach, MB.

Katharina “Tina” Kehler, daughter of the late Peter and Susana Peters (nee Goertzen) was born Jan. 6, 1933 at the family home in Reichenbach, MB. Continue reading “Katharina Peters Kehler (1933-2019)”

Edgar’s Veal, Popular in Steinbach!

Many southeastern Manitobans have fond memories of enjoying the good food and warm hospitality at Edgar’s Diner. For all those in the Berliner Kehler Clan who enjoy a great tasting deal, that should leave none in the shadows, you’ll find  that this week’s special at Main Bread & Butter is Edgar’s famous veal cutlettes (complete with sauce!) for $24.99.

Main Bread & Butter Company at 253 Main Street, Steinbach,  provides good food and a friendly smile to an ever growing customer base. Main Bread & Butter carries an extensive selection of local products, fresh produce, grocery items, frozen foods, deli meats, cheeses, breads and carefully curated specialty items.

Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy this local favourite for supper today!

Coming Back Stronger: Life Stories by Syd Reimer

With encouragement from his children, Sydney R.C. Reimer has published another book. This book includes writings about Syd by several other people.

Syd Reimer - Coming Back Stronger
Syd Reimer – Coming Back Stronger

In his latest book, Coming Back Stronger, Syd Reimer highlights 14 years of working in the Rosenort Lumber Yard, 14 years with the Manitoba Disaster Service Board, and 11 years as an owner of GK Braun Insurance. A financial advisor for 45 years, 14 of which were with Investors Syndicate. Syd Reimer was involved with the Mennonite Disaster Service for 30 years, over 20 in leadership. 45 years as a pilot gives for many interesting stories that he shared in a previous book, My Flying Journey.

Syd Reimer was twelve years old when his mother, Elizabeth (nee Kehler) Reimer died. Five months later his father married Marie Brandt, a woman from Rosenort, MB. A troubled, hurting boy that was very lonely, soon afterwards spent two years working for MCC in Mexico. His father put him in a boarding school at Steinbach Bible School for grade nine. As the years passed, Syd found peace with God, and true love when he met and married Helen. Together they have had much joy, faced hardships, natural disasters, and several times, great tragedy. Each time, they have found strength in their relationship with God and rebuilt their lives, Coming Back Stronger.

The price for the book, Coming Back Stronger, is $20 plus shipping. To avoid shipping charges, local pick up locations in Steinbach and Winnipeg are available. To pick up your reserved copy, or to purchase a book, contact us, by sending an email to

Kehler Weighs in on South Carolina Drinking Water

Never mind the cost. Is the water they’re drinking in York County completely safe? Sure, they’re upset about the price. But it’s the water itself residents from across York County say isn’t fit to drink or have piping through their homes.

“Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Lee Kehler, who moved into his Lake Wylie home 12 years ago.

Kehler said in testimony Tuesday night the water in his home exceeds the federal action standard for lead. Kehler said Carolina Water Service tested the water in his home and found its lead count at 19 parts per billion. Federal rules state a water supplier has to take steps to control corrosion within its system if 10 percent or more of its customer taps exceed 15 parts per billion. Kehler said his 1983 home has all copper and plastic pipes, so he doesn’t know why the lead count would be high. Continue reading “Kehler Weighs in on South Carolina Drinking Water”

2018 – a Kehler Family Reunion?

The Berliner Kehlers are considering a reunion of sort. At this point, we are gathering feedback as to interest. If there is significant interest, then we will pursue input from those interested in helping organize the event.

So, if you would be so kind, please send us an email ( , indicating:

  • your name and phone number
  • interest in attending?
  • helping organize?
  • be a communication point for your family
  • other

We will utilize the website,, as well as the Facebook Page for further communication.

It’s possible we could pull this event off Summer 2018!

Let’s hear from you!

1940’s Recipe Booklet

Recently a Manitoba Hydro employee found a 17-page booklet, originally issued back in the early 1940’s by City of Winnipeg Hydro.  The booklet includes cooking instructions for everything from the main-course turkey to stuffing, relish, puddings, sauces, salads, pies, pastries, cookies and more.

Download a digital copy directly and/or read it here.