Kehler Weighs in on South Carolina Drinking Water

Never mind the cost. Is the water they’re drinking in York County completely safe? Sure, they’re upset about the price. But it’s the water itself residents from across York County say isn’t fit to drink or have piping through their homes.

“Quite frankly, I couldn’t believe what I saw,” said Lee Kehler, who moved into his Lake Wylie home 12 years ago.

Kehler said in testimony Tuesday night the water in his home exceeds the federal action standard for lead. Kehler said Carolina Water Service tested the water in his home and found its lead count at 19 parts per billion. Federal rules state a water supplier has to take steps to control corrosion within its system if 10 percent or more of its customer taps exceed 15 parts per billion. Kehler said his 1983 home has all copper and plastic pipes, so he doesn’t know why the lead count would be high. Continue reading “Kehler Weighs in on South Carolina Drinking Water”

Yvonne Helene Parker Kehler (1931-2016)

Yvonne Helene Parker Kehler ( 1931 - 2016)
Yvonne Helene Parker Kehler ( 1931 – 2016)

Yvonne Kehler passed away peacefully January 27, 2016 at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, with her family by her side. Yvonne was the daughter of the late Charlotte and James Potter, the sister of the late Bob Parker of Winnipeg, and was married for over 60 years to Dennis Leroy Kehler, who predeceased her in 2013. Continue reading “Yvonne Helene Parker Kehler (1931-2016)”

Kerry “Sam” Donald Kehler (1963-2015)

Kerry (Sam) Kehler 1963-2015
Kerry (Sam) Kehler 1963-2015

Kerry “Sam” Kehler, passed away unexpectedly in Palmer, Alaska , during the early morning hours of December 5, 2015.

His wife, Roberta, was the love of his life. His sudden death has left her in total shock and with unexpected expenses. Through the memorial fund set up on we hope to share with her and Sam’s entire family how much he meant to us and help Roberta put the pieces of her life back together.

Continue reading “Kerry “Sam” Donald Kehler (1963-2015)”

Kehler helps Abbotsford Veteran Get New Scooter

CBC News

An 83-year-old Korean War veteran, Bert Wiebe, from Abbotsford who had his scooter stolen on Friday is back in the saddle thanks to a local company’s donation.

“I’d like to thank them very gratefully,” said Bert Wiebe. “I’m overwhelmed that the response came so quick.”

Chris Kehler presents Bert Wiebe with Scooter
Chris Kehler presents Bert Wiebe with Scooter

On Monday Abbotsford police said they had received five scooter offers in about two hours after they released information about the theft

The $5,000 scooter was Wiebe’s main mode of transportation, and his mobility was severely hampered without it.
“I didn’t think anybody would be as low as that. It’s my only way of getting around,” said Wiebe.

On Tuesday, Chris Kehler, president of Coast Bathing Solutions, offered Wiebe a $6,000 scooter that the company had in its possession Continue reading “Kehler helps Abbotsford Veteran Get New Scooter”

Marlene Elizabeth Mary Kehler Aitken (1935-2015)

Marlene Elizabeth Mary Kehler Aitken (2035-2015)
Marlene Elizabeth Mary Kehler Aitken (1935-2015)

On Thursday, January 22, 2015, surrounded by her loving family, Marlene passed away peacefully after a brief illness.

Marlene is survived by her children Barbara Bezeau (Guy), Cheryl Posten (Denis) and Neil Aitken (Barbara), her eleven adored grandchildren and great-grandchildren, brothers Russ, Don, Lee and sister Doris. Her loving husband Bill predeceased her in 2010. Continue reading “Marlene Elizabeth Mary Kehler Aitken (1935-2015)”

Celebration of Life for Dennis L Kehler

Please join the family and friends of Dennis Kehler for a celebration of his life Saturday, July 13, 2013.

Dennis Leroy Kehler 1931-2013
Dennis Leroy Kehler 1931-2013

Please join the family and friends of Dennis Kehler for a celebration of his life as a loving husband, caring father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, decorated war veteran, and friend.

Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 11 AM
Bethel Community Church
430 Lakewood Blvd, Winnipeg Manitoba

A light lunch will be provided following the service.

Dennis Leroy Kehler (1931-2013)

Dennis Leroy Kehler
Dennis Leroy Kehler

It is with great sorrow that our family announces the passing of Dennis Leroy Kehler, beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather on February 14, 2013, at the age of 81, with his wife Yvonne and family members at his side. Dennis was born in Carnduff, Saskatchewan on September 22, 1931 to Cornelius and Frieda Kehler. He grew up in Steinbach, Manitoba where he learned to always work hard for the things you want and that being true to your values are the most important traits that a person should possess. Continue reading “Dennis Leroy Kehler (1931-2013)”

Kehler Kindness Sought

Happy New Year, to all the Kehler Clan!

We were recently informed that our relative Judy McGarry had a serious accident at her home just before Christmas, on December 20, 2012. Judy fell and broke her neck. She was taken to the Health Sciences in Winnipeg, and has been stabilized, while the physicians figure out what to do next. Judy’s Uncle Lee Kehler, who resides in Lake Wylie, South Carolina, reports that she has feeling and mobility in her hands and feet — which is awesome. This website was designed to keep family informed, across the miles. Lee is asking if there would be some Kehlers who would exercise kindness to help this wonderful person through the serious times ahead. Judy is limited to one son, TJ, who lives in Pine Falls and a sister Diane in Winnipeg.

“I gather that she has a long road ahead with this injury and there isn’t anybody on the face of this earth that has the ability to cheer someone up, like a Kehler! We are blessed with a blood line that sees the world optimistically and differently than most.” Lee Kehler.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for, and acts of kindness to, our beloved Berliner Judy McGarry.

Happy New Year, to all the Kehler Clan!

Born Judith Ann Kehler, Judy McGarry is the daughter of Dennis & Yvonne Kehler, granddaughter to Cornelius S & Frieda Kehler.

In Memory of Bill Aitken


Bill Aitken (1932-2010)
Bill Aitken (1932-2010)

It’s been two years since we lost Bill Aitken, our father, and husband of Marlene Aitken (nee Kehler). As a child, I thought my father would always be with me. He was a symbol of wisdom, authority, security and constancy. In many ways, that feeling never changed. But time waits for no one and my father’s time ended on September 29, 2010, in his own bedroom, surround by those that deeply loved him. Our sense of loss continues till this day. Continue reading “In Memory of Bill Aitken”

Berliner Kehlers Called to Action

Lee Kehler, together with his son Chris, has introduced a unique product to the retail world. The product Grill Blaster is in a competition to get a coveted spot on Wal-Mart store shelves.

Grill Blaster BBQ Grill Cleaning System

Lee Kehler, together with son Chris, who introduced a unique product to the retail world in 2010, is challenging the Berliner Kehlers to support their product. The product Grill Blaster is currently in a competition to get a coveted spot on Wal-Mart store shelves.  In order to win, the product with the most votes by category will be rewarded by being showcased on the shelves of Wal-Mart stores across the United States of America. If you haven’t heard of Grill Blaster, here is a little video intro… Continue reading “Berliner Kehlers Called to Action”