Maria Schultz Kehler Penner (1885-1909)

Marie S Kehler
Marie S Kehler

Maria (Taunte Marie) was the first child in the Berliner Kehler family. On November 14, 1905 she married Abram Henry Penner, and their daughter Anne Ethel Kehler Penner was born August 19, 1907. She died at an early age of 23 on February 21, 1909, in childbirth of her twins Jacob and Heinrich (who died shortly after birth). Maria was buried, in the Hochfeld CMC Cemetery, together with her newborn son Heinrich.



The Kehler family mourns the death of Maria S Kehler

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  1. There is some information that is incorrect as it relates to my Grandfather Abram (Abraham) Henry Penner. His mother was Anna Steingart, so I assume that is why you have used the “S”; to the best of my knowledge he always used “H”. My Grandfather survived his first wife Maria Schultz Kehler and married my Grandmother Katherine Kroeker Klassen on Feb 3, 1910, my father Jacob Charlie Penner was born Jan 11, 1911. My Grandfather died Nov 19, 1920 of Typhoid fever in Medicine Hat, AB. My Grandmother then married Henry S. Penner (Abram’s younger brother) in Nov 1921.

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