John Jacob Kehler (1929-2010)

John J Kehler
John Jacob Kehler

John Jacob Kehler, passed away on Saturday, March 13, 2010, in Surrey, BC.  Born in Glen Ewen, Saskatchewan on June 3, 1929. Predeceased by his loving wife Henritte L R Kehler on March 15, 2006. Dad passed away peacefully in his sleep, soulfully wishing to be reunited with his wife Hetty whom he missed dearly. Dad was a loving, devoted father, who worked hard to support his large family of four children throughout his younger years. He was also a caring grandfather, his greatest joy being family. He was a strong advocate of children, always offering to help, never wanting to see them suffer or go without, especially his grandchilden. Dad resided at the Kinsmen Place Lodge in Surrey for his last four years, his kind and endearing nickname at the lodge being “family man”. He was an avid photographer, he had a large collection of family photos and other family historical data which he loved to organize and document with photos, dates and events. Dad was a carpenter by trade, built houses from the ground up, his pride and joy being the family home he built on 132 St in Surrey. There, he spent his most joyful years, with more than one family member’s wedding taking place there, and enjoying his grandchildren visiting. Everyone loved to hear Papa’s funny stories and anecdotes. His other love was hockey, never missing a Canucks game on tv or radio. He was a man with strong principals, as a father, instilling a solid sense of inner values and moral principals to his 4 children, but guiding in a firm and loving way. He will be sorely missed by his children Betty (Keith) from Tulameen, Shirley (Howard) of Langley, Curtis, and Tom (Brenda) of Surrey. Also his 10 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, the newest addition being twin boys born recently on March 10th to Grandson Chris (Candice) of Langley, BC. We would like to thank the staff at the Kinsmen Place Lodge for their kindness and dedication to our father. He thought the world of them, they supported him with care and love and we can’t thank them enough. Memorial services will be held at the Valley View Funeral Home located at 14660 – 72 Ave., Surrey on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 10:30 am.

View photos of the John Jacob Kehler Memorial Service Here.

John J & Henritte (Hetty) Kehler, Valley View Funeral Home, Surrey BC
John J Kehler, Garden of Everlasting Life, Valley View Funeral Home, Surrey BC


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  1. I have just read all the coments for Mom & Dad (John & Hetty Kehler) I’m still crying. The wonderful words that were put
    into this. Words that the grandchildre wrote, memories that they we will cherish forever. My son Darrin Sanderson R.C.M.P.
    wrote a very moving poem. Well, Mom & Dad, all I can say is thanks for the memories. Thinking of you both every single day.

  2. I thought of you both, just the other day.
    and how before you left, I didn’t get to say…

    How very special the two of you are,
    But of course you know that, even from afar.

    There were a lot of hugs and laughs, each time we met,
    If you were still here, there’d be a lot more I bet.

    You couldn’t stay any longer, you had to go.
    Life is like that, this I know.

    We have our memories of you, from yesterday,
    But we didn’t want that, we wanted you to stay.

    I will remember how playing Yahtzee with you Grandma, put a smile on my  face,
    and how you always had peppermints in your purse, just in case!

    Papa, I won’t forget the smell of cedar, in your workshop,
    And your choice in hats, you were tops!

    And the times when I laugh, thinking about you,
    You’ll be smiling back, because that’s what you do.

    Love Darrin

  3. Hi Dad…Yes we miss you so much. But thanks to you,we have so many pictures, and good memories to go along with then. And Mom who taught me to put dates and YEARS on every picture. Miss you both so much,and thanks for my wonderful life!!! With Much Love, Betty

  4. Dad gave us a gift that we will always appreciate and honor. It’s also one we can pass on to our children and now our grandchildren, and that is the gift of family. He showed us not in words but with his love and appreciation of his family, and for all he did for us. Dad was not a highly educated man, a scholar, but he had an inner strength that could not compare to any University education or degree. Dad showed us with his actions that family is the cornerstone of life. The greatest memories of Dad will always be of our younger years, such fond memories of warm summer days at the lake, and other outings that took place on the special days he set aside to spend with his children and family.

    Dad was a loving father, providing structure and consistency to our lives, but also a lot of fun and enjoyment. He was able to see the “bigger picture” as he would say, and we all appreciate the dedication and hard work he endured without sinking under the pressure. He perservered. He could see the positive in the worst of situations. He always made ends meet and had time left over for us. No matter how bad things were for them, financially or in health, we didn’t realize until later how thankful we would be for parents like them. We were pretty fortunate to have them.

    I remember when Howard and I lived out in Edmonton when we let Mom and Dad know we were going to get married. Howard, being the shy guy he was, wanted to have a nice but smaller ceremony out there. Well, I talked to Mom and Dad about it and they called me back saying, why don’t you and Howard get married here at home instead. It would cost the same and would be easier for them to help with the arrangements. Howard agreed, and I got on the plane and flew home a week prior, with him arriving a few days before the day. Dad agreed there would just be “a few people” and “very quiet” with just close family and friends. Well, it turned out to be more than just a few people but I was so glad Dad persuaded Howard, as it turned out so well at the house that Tom also had the same type of wedding a few years later.

    Dad loved to travel, so our lives were enriched with many memorable trips he took us on. Several times we travelled back to Winnipeg to see the family, either driving and camping along the way or by train. It was very important for us to see and experience all we could and he was in his element when he could provide it. We have so many wonderful memories of places he took us, from places like the Calgary stampede to days out at Mill Lake picnicing or camping. He enriched our lives in a way that we could never begin to thank him. But we still do in hearts every day.

    Another thing I can say I am thankful for is the time I have been able to spend with my Dad. When we were growing up, we never really knew him as a person, he was busy, out working like all Dads do. And with Dad’s many health issues, he believed he would not live a really long life. But he did, and we talked many times about how he never would have believed he would make it to 80 years old, not in a million years, he said. When Mom passed away, almost 4 years to the day before Dad, he of course went through a very rough time without her. He did not want to be here. But, God had a reason for him to stay. And slowly his health started to return and he was able to look ahead.

    I was in the position to be able to spend more time with him than the others, and our day was usually Friday, where I would stop by and usually take him out for lunch and a bit of shopping. Those lunches are so important to me now and so special. We were able to catch up on all the things we never had a chance to talk about. I am so thankful God gave us that time. It helped Betty as well to hear about our visits, and we would talk on the phone a lot about how Dad was and what we talked about. We will really miss that.

    Recently I became a grandmother. Chris and Candice had twin boys on March the 10th. Little Mason Keaton and Jacob Thomas. They are just beautiful and I am so happy for Chris and Candice. Dad was able to stay long enough to hear about it and knew he was a great-grandpa again. Thank you Lord for giving us that.

    Even though we will miss our parents dearly, we know that they are in a place with no pain or suffering. We thank them for all they did for us and know that one day our time will come and we will all be together. Thank you Mom and Dad.

    The above comment was read at John’s funeral service in March 2010, by daughter Shirley Morneau.

  5. Memories of Grandma and Pappa Kehler.

    I remember his nickname “Kiffer” and when Grandma and Papa took me, Matt and Ryan to the wave pool and just hungout for hours while we all played in the waves, Papa even came out in the waves a few times. Grandma was at the table crocheting or doing crosswords. 🙂

    I remember Papa showed me how to make his apple juice at the trailer home, he showed me how but I’d have to think hard to remember how to make it:) I miss Papas applejuice, I think that is why I still love apple juice. Reminds me of Papa and when he took me out on the scooter around the park, that little blue one after he bought it. I remember too, we went to my allergy test where they put stuff on your arm and it makes it itchy…I think it was in Richmond that place, he had his big Chev camper van (that is when he was still walking good, but he had a cane.) or when he took me, Matt, Adam, Amber, JJ, Melissa, Hailey and Cheryl with Uncle Tom to the museum to see the dinosaur bones. I remember Zellers, and pickle Pete’s chocolate milk, and that nice lady they knew at the lotto booth in the mall. We used to go to his house after school until Mom came home, and there was always cookies in the cookie jar, u just had to ask 🙂

    Papa had those airplane things that u hang from the ceiling and turn em on and they go round and round. I shot my first pellet gun with Papa, and he bought us those big styrofoam planes from that guy who was throwing them in the air in the mall. I remember Bear Creek Water Park in the summer time, and playing hide and seek in the trailer and jumping on that big springy bed in the back room( we weren’t supposed to but we all did:) Papa always had the hockey game on even if the volume was turned all the way down. He wore a good notch in that couch, Papa’s couch. I miss Thanksgiving at Papa’s house, too.

    After my friend Brett died on his motorcycle in July 07, I went to see Papa, I was a mess and I needed his words of wisdom. I told him what happened and he felt so bad for my friend. He said “sometimes bad things happen to good people, and when one light goes out, another comes on”. I stayed and had lunch with him downstairs and gave him a big hug. I remember the look he had, sometimes with knowledge and experience comes pain, he knew what I was feeling, he knew it gets better with time but will always be a scar. I miss Papa alot, and I hope he knew how much he was loved and will be missed.

    Christopher Morneau is John and Hetty’s grandson.

  6. I have many fond memories of my Papa and will miss him greatly.

    I am thankful for all of his love, compassion, understanding, support, wisdom and so many other wonderful things that he is to all of those who lives he touched.

    I hope that I can find the inner strength to be even half of the man that he was. We shared a very special bond as we both had the same name. Being such a family man he was most certainly proud of that. I am honoured to carry on that name in tradition of him & my dear family.

    I know that some day we will meet again and he will watch over me until that time. Papa you may be gone but you will forever be in my heart for the remainder of my years.

    No amount of time can take away the memories I hold close to me of you and I. I will forever keep them locked in my heart and soul.

    Love J.J.

  7. Sorry to hear of Johnny’s passing. Many fond and happy memories from when we were kids. Our sympathy to the family.

  8. I was so sorry to hear we lost another cousin. Thinking of all the good times we had as kids. Our symphathy to the family.

  9. I am so sorry to hear of John’s passing and I know how much all will miss him. I have many wonderful memories of us all back in the old Steinbach days. Our prayers are with the family

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