Edna Elizabeth Kehler (1925 – 1933)

Edna Elizabeth Kehler, beloved daughter of Johann S & Annie Kehler, born January 5, 1925 in Frobisher, Saskatchewan, passed away on August 22, 1933 in Steinbach, Manitoba.

Edna was predeceased by her Grandfather Jacob K Kehler and Grandmother Helena Unger Wieler. Besides her parents,  Johann S & Annie Kehler, she is also survived by her sister Violet, and brothers Henry, Walter, John and Glen.

Funeral services were held in the Steinbach Kliene Geminde (EMC) Church . Burial,  at the Steinbach Pioneer Cemetery


Edna Kehler, Pioneer Cemetery
Edna Kehler, Pioneer Cemetery

One thought on “Edna Elizabeth Kehler (1925 – 1933)”

  1. My dear sister Edna,

    My wish always was that if I could only have known you. The morning that I was born, Dad carried you down to the main floor to introduce you to me. Your comment to our Mother was, “Why did you not wait and I could help you”, but that was not to be. You were only 8 years old in the hospital all summer with rhumatic fever. Mother had been visiting you every day walking that long distance with a big tummy. August 21, 1933 the day I was born, was a very hot summer day, and after you met me the nurses pushed your bed onto the verenda for some sun. The nurses forgot about you and you suffered from sunstroke. Mother was on the main floor and heard you moaning and dilerious all night. You went to heaven the next day, August 22, 1933. I will know you in heaven.
    About 5 years later, while laying in bed, I realized that when everyone was in school, that Mother had a ritual whereby she went upstaires and kneeled in front of Violet’s bed and reached under the bed and retrived a small paper carton and opened it up. Slowly she reached in and took out the contents one by one. She looked at each item and carressed it to her cheek, and the tears started to flow, she did this to each item. Once she took the last piece out, she put each item back the way she took it out and the tears flowed freely. After she had put them back into the box she put it back, stood up, wiped her tears and ran her hands over her apron and quietly went down stairs. I pretended to be asleep, but saw it all.

    Mother told me the story about that day so often and a day before she died she retold the story to granddaughter Candice and me.
    What a loving mother we had.

    Brother Glen

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