Lake County man battling cancer fixes computers for families in need


by FOX35 Orlando

A Lake County man has been dedicating his time and money to fix laptops and help families in need — all while he battles cancer.

Larry Kehler, better known as “Fox,” spends his days fixing laptops for people in his community. The project started several months ago when he reached out to a neighborhood Facebook group asking people in the area to give him their old laptops. Then, he fixed the computers and donated them. He had several families with children who were learning virtually reach out to him for help.

“We would like to homeschool, but we have one computer and it’s broken and we have three kids. Can you help?” Kehler said.

He does this work free of charge and pays for the parts himself, too. So far, he’s fixed about 130 laptops.

Kehler was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2019. Doctors initially told him he had three months to live, but now more than a year later, he’s still going through treatments with a positive attitude.

“I’m not looking to be a hero, I just want to help people,” he said. “The good Lord has been good to me. Not many people get the break that I got. I don’t have to do this to pay back, but I can.”

His acts of kindness are not only helping others but himself too.

“I never had time to feel sorry for myself. I had so many computers to fix that I had to keep going,” he said.

If you would like to donate an old computer, he suggests reaching out to the Facebook group Stand Up to Stand Out or emailing

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  1. Thank you Larry for the great work you do for others . You are blessing many people by fixing the laptops . Wishing you strength as you battle cancer . I had cancer too and went through treatment.

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