Jacob Schultz Kehler (1886-1945)

Jacob S Kehler
Jacob S Kehler

Jacob Schultz Kehler (Onkel Joakopp) was the first son and the second child of the Berliner Kehler family.

He was a quiet, dignified man who lacked the physical robustness and boisterous nature of his brothers. He was plagued with rheumatism most of his adult life and sometime bedridden, even in his prime. But he never shyed away from farm work when his condition was up to it.

He was always conscious of his role as the oldest son and not afraid to offer advice to his siblings – always mild and reasonable, accepted without offence.

Jacob married Helen Loepky-Kehler in Chortitz on November 7, 1907. Jacob passed away January 12, 1945.

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Jacob S Kehler - Silberfeld CMC Cemetery
Jacob S Kehler – Silberfeld CMC Cemetery



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  1. Jacob Schultz Kehler’s father and my great-grandmother Katherina (1852 – 1935) were brother and sister…

    My name is John Krause and I was born and raised in the Steinbach area. I moved to Calgary in 1971, but always stayed in touch with my roots. My father, David Froese Krause, started me in genealogy. I found your website by accident and it has been a wealth of information….Thank you very much. Every time I came to Steinbach I would visit Edgar’s Cafe…. we lived in East Steinbach and were neighbours with David S Kehlers. I went to school with Ernie and Ben.

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