Elizabeth Doerksen Kehler (1913-2003)

Elizabeth Doerksen Kehler
Elizabeth Doerksen Kehler

Elizabeth Kehler (nee Doerksen), passed away January 23, 2003 at Bethesda Place in Steinbach, MB. Elizabeth was born on October 11, 1913 at Chortitz, Manitoba.  She married Jacob J.K Kehler on July 16, 1933.

She was predeceased by her husband Jacob J.K Kehler, one son Denis and his wife Helena Kehler, one daughter Rosella, and one grandchild Carol Elaine.

Funeral service will be held Monday, January 27, 2003 at the Chortitzer Mennonite Church, 479 Hanover, Steinbach, MB. Interment at the Steinbach Memorial Cemetery.

Elizabeth Kehler Steinbach Memorial Cemetery
Elizabeth Kehler, Steinbach Memorial Cemetery

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