Mitchell Memorial Park

Sunday, January 19, 2020 was an emotional night in Mitchell, MB when over 400 people braved the winter night to attend the official opening of the Mitchell Memorial Park.  The park, built on the arena grounds between the outdoor hockey rink and tennis courts, consists of an outdoor pleasure skating area and in the center is an evergreen tree. Surrounding the rink is a path with several park benches along the perimeter. Park benches are sponsored by community families in remembrance of their loved ones.

The Kehler name is well known in the community of Mitchell, the area west of Steinbach, Manitoba.  Early pioneer Jacob “Berliner” Kehler moved his growing family to farm here in 1891, where he began to build barns and buy livestock. The area was called Ebenfeld, modern-day Mitchell. After the death of Berliner Kehler, the family farm and land were sold to the Alfred Stahn family. Today there are fourth, fifth and sixth generations of Berliner Kehlers in Mitchell.

Notably, one such family is the Stan & Mary Kehler family who occupied a few different homes in the community spanning 56 years. Mary Kehler died unexpectedly in 2018.  As the wife of a community spiritual leader, Mary never missed an opportunity to use her gift of hospitality to bless others and support Stan in the community of the church ministry.

In honor of Mary Kehler, a bench has been sponsored in the Mitchell Memorial Park.  The memorial bench, located on the north-end of the park, hosts a view of the community that Berliner Kehler never lived to see.

 Quietly you made the world a kinder and more beautiful place, Mary.

Stan Kehler, Mitchell Memorial Park
Stan Kehler, a 3rd generation Berliner Kehler at Mitchell Memorial Park

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  1. A perfect tribute to a life well lived for the Lord and a loving soulmate for my cousin Stan.
    Peter A Kehler
    youngest son of Johann S Kehler

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