Memories of Kehler Cuisine

From time to time, when meeting new people and an introduction is made, the first question that will pop up is “from which Kehler family are you?” After having answered their question of who my father and grandfather is, oft times, the next question asked is “any relation to ______? ”

That blank will sometimes be Jake from the Husky Station. Followed by, the age old question of “Is it true that Jake and Edgar (Edgar’s Diner) were brothers? Jake would always deny it, while Edgar claimed they were brothers!” Since both brothers have passed on, for the record, they are brothers!   From there the conversation usually turns to the great food Edgar had, back in the day — and his famous Veal or, as Edgar pronounced it — ‘wheel’  Cutlettes.

Edgar's Veal Cutlettes
Edgar’s Veal Cutlettes

Edgar’s wife, Helen, has continued to market Edgar’s Veal Cutlettes. If you are passing through Steinbach, pick up a box of frozen Veal Cutlettes , complete with sauce, at Main Bread & Butter, 253 Main Street, Steinbach, MB.

Taste the Kehler flavour, as you once knew it!

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